M. Sc. Moritz Schlögel

  • Research Assistant - Chair Systems Security
Schlögel, Moritz


Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­tät Bo­chum
Chair for Sys­tems Se­cu­ri­ty
Uni­ver­si­täts­stra­ße 150
44780 Bo­chum / Ger­ma­ny

ID 2/451
(+49)(0)234 / 32 - 27817
moritz.schloegel@rub.de PGP key


Interested in writing a Bachelor or Master thesis in the field of Binary/Program Analysis (check research topics for more details)? Come to my office or drop me an email!

In case you are interested in applied IT security ("hacking"), check out our university's Capture the Flag (CTF) team FluxFingers (@FluxFingers), as well as their introductory FluxRookies challenges. If you would like to ask any questions, or just get in touch to learn about upcoming CTFs, join the Rookie discord.



Towards Automating Code-Reuse Attacks Using Synthesized Gadget Chains

Moritz Schlögel, Tim Blazytko, Julius Basler, Fabian Hemmer, Thorsten Holz - European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), Online, October 2021

Aurora: Statistical Crash Analysis for Automated Root Cause Explanation

Tim Blazytko, Moritz Schlögel, Cornelius Aschermann, Ali Abbasi, Joel Frank, Simon Wörner, Thorsten Holz - USENIX Security Symposium, Boston, MA, USA, August 2020

GRIMOIRE: Synthesizing Structure while Fuzzing

Tim Blazytko, Cornelius Aschermann, Moritz Schlögel, Ali Abbasi, Sergej Schumilo, Simon Wörner, Thorsten Holz - USENIX Security Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, USA, August 2019