Design and Implementation of the Honey-DVD

Maximillian Dornseif, Felix Freiling, Nils Gedicke, Thorsten Holz

IEEE In­for­ma­ti­on As­suran­ce Work­shop (IAW), West Point, NY, June 2006


Honeynets are a valuable source of data about techniques, tactics and motives of attackers in the Internet, but up to now they have been notoriously dicult to set up and maintain. This work describes the development and implementation of an easy to use, freely distributable, bootable solution on DVD for deploying honeynets. The system is based on a live Linux distribution and can be set up without installing anything on a local harddrive. It sets up a group of virtually emulated honeypots and links them together in a virtual network. Moreover, a honeywall is added to protect the honeypots. The whole honeynet is configured and maintained via a centralized controller software on the DVD which allows an easy configuration and automates all necessary procedures in the virtual network.


tags: honeynet, honeypots