On the following pages, you find an overview of the different courses offered by the group. These courses take place regularly, i.e., they are offered each summer and winter term. Note that Bachelor courses are usually held in German, while Master course can also be offered in English. Furthermore, there is an overview of current research topics, we offer theses topics in these areas.

Summer term 2020

Winter term 2020/2021

Please register for the seminars via the central registration page available at https://svhgi.nds.rub.de/

Bachelor and Master theses are offered anytime. Different topics from the area systems security are possible, for example a thesis can deal with software security, binary analysis, vulnerability assessment, privacy, security of machine learning algorithms, or similar topics. Some examples are available in this part of the website, but feel free to suggest other topics by contacting either Prof. Holz or one of the PhD students.

If you want to write your Master thesis in systems security, we suggest to first attend the lectures OS Security and Program Analysis, and then participate in one of the practical courses.

You can find hints on how to write a thesis on the seminar how-to page. The lectures are typically offered in German with English slides, but we encourage students to write their thesis and seminar in English.