Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Eduard Leonhardt

Honeypot based on Google Dorks

Florian Quinkert - 05.2017

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Marc Kührer

Development of an Emulator and a Decompiler for the PIC Microcontroller Family PIC16F5X

Thorsten Holz - 06.2011


Andreas Fobian

A Prototype Implementation of Binary Data Structure Reconstruction

Thorsten Holz - 11.2010

Manuel Binna

iOS Application Security

Thorsten Holz - 06.2011


Sebastian Ahndorf

Optimierung der Spamklassifikation von SpamAssassin

Sebastian Uellenbeck -

Dipl.-Inform. Ralf Hund

Analysis and Retrofitting of Security Properties für Proprietary Software Systems

Thorsten Holz - 04.2013


Dipl.-Inform. Johannes Hoffmann

From Mobile to Security-Towards Secure Smartphones

Thorsten Holz - 08.2014


M.Sc. Marc Kührer

Large-Scale Analysis of Network-based Threats and Potential Countermeasures

Thorsten Holz - 07.2015


Dipl.-Inform. Sebastian Uellenbeck

Towards Secure and Usable Authentification on Mobile Devices

Thorsten Holz - 05.2014


Florian Rhinow

Usages and Disadvantages of Honeypots in Production Networks

Marc Kührer - 06.2012

Björn Bottländer

Analyse von DNSBL/RBL Datenbanken

Marc Kührer -

Dipl.-Inform. Carsten Willems

Instrumenting existing system components for dynamic analysis of malicious software

- 04.2013


Dipl.-Inform. Apostolos Zarras

Towards Detection and Prevention of Malicious Activities Against Web Applications and Internet Services

Thorsten Holz - 08.2015


Markus Rudel

Security Analysis of Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Ralf Hund - 12.2011

Tim Werthmann

Design and Implementation of a Policy Enforcement Scheme for iOS

Ralf Hund - 03.2012


Johannes Rave

Detecting Root Exploits using Dynamic Analysis in the Android Emulator

Johannes Hoffmann - 04.2012

Martin Ussath

Statische Analyse von Malware unter Android

Johannes Hoffmann - 10.2011

Hanno Lemoine

Dynamic Analysis of Malware for Android

Johannes Hoffmann -

Daniel Bäumges

Intrusion Detection within Android Applications by Using Taint Analysis in an Virtualized Environment

Johannes Hoffmann - 02.2012

Raphael Sobik

Cloning Mifare Classic Cards with an NFC-enabled Android Smartphone

Sebastian Uellenbeck - 08.2012