Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Tim Werthmann

Design and Implementation of a Policy Enforcement Scheme for iOS

Ralf Hund - 03.2012


Johannes Rave

Detecting Root Exploits using Dynamic Analysis in the Android Emulator

Johannes Hoffmann - 04.2012

Daniel Bäumges

Intrusion Detection within Android Applications by Using Taint Analysis in an Virtualized Environment

Johannes Hoffmann - 02.2012

Raphael Sobik

Cloning Mifare Classic Cards with an NFC-enabled Android Smartphone

Sebastian Uellenbeck - 08.2012

Thomas Gwozdz

Studie zu Sicherheitslücken

Robert Gawlik - 10.2012

René Korthaus

Information Flow Control in a Virtual Machine based Computing Environment

Thorsten Holz - 01.2012

Jens Klakutsch

Graphentheoretische zeitliche Analyse des Open-PGP Web of Trust

Sebastian Uellenbeck - 06.2012


Frederik Braun

Origin Policy Enforcement in Modern Browsers

- 10.2012

Stefan Rüster

Preventing Backdoors by Modular Sandboxing

Felix Schuster - 11.2012