Evaluating Profiling in Online Order Processes


Supervision: Martin Degeling

More details:


Online user profiles consist of various data point websites collect from their visitors. These profiles can also contain information about the credit worthiness of online shop customers and be used to determine e.g. what payment options are presented in the checkout process. This thesis should evaluate the impact of different digital footprints in order processes in common web-shops. You will implement a study using the HOSIT Framework: https://github.com/das-th-koeln/HOSIT

Additional resource: Berg, T., Burg, V., Gombović, A., & Puri, M. (2018). On the Rise of FinTechs – Credit Scoring using Digital Footprints (Working Paper No. 24551). https://doi.org/10.3386/w24551


You should be interested in webtechnology and privacy. You should also have at lest basic knowledge about website programming and should be willing to program in Python.